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"Soft Winds & Sudden Squalls" Orkney Trout Fishing the first 100 years.


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Orkney Trout Flies:

Simple fly patterns

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Fishing Season

The Brown Trout Season is from the
15th of March until the 6th of October.

The Sea Trout
Season is from the
25th. February until
31st. October


Membership details and Subscription Rates 2020

2020 Monthly Fishing Report

2020 AGM Reports

2020 Management Committee

2020 Competitons and Entertainments report

2020 secretaries report

2020 Hatchery report

2020 Sites report

2019 Enviroment Report



Boats on Sites

The annual sites tidy up will be undertaken in early April. It is recommended that members do not put their boats and various running strips and winches etc on the foreshore before site works take place. Doing so makes it difficult for our contractor to operate his machinery and to do so boats and equipment will hauled out if the way.  

OTFA 2021 Fly Competition Programme

At our Management Committee meeting on 18th March it was unanimously agreed that, COVID permitting, the Association will commence with a fly competition programme for the 2021 season. The programme is somewhat different from the pre-COVID norm in that there are only 10 competitions listed, starting with the first on Swannay on Sunday 30th May. There are no cancelled dates scheduled apart from the Any-loch, so if cancelled they will not be fished. Competitors’ best 8 results will be considered for end of league placings and as such, team etc placings for 2022. Strict COVID rules (applicable at the time) will be in place for all events and compliance is mandatory.  
Competitors may pay their entry fees for the season’s competitions in advance at Wm Shearer’s in Kirkwall and W.S. Sinclair’s in Stromness. There will be no discount this season, so entry for the ten competitions will be £45 (£20 concessionary). Those who have paid up front for the 2020 season can carry this forward to 2021 but will be eligible for a £9 refund (£4 concessionary). Please contact our Treasurer, Alan Shearer on  if you wish to claim.
 In order to give your Treasurer time to bring Shearer’s and Sinclair’s up to date with the revised arrangements, please do not pay your entry fees there until Saturday 27th March at the earliest.
There will be no Brodgar league competitions this season. Competitors can carry forward their 2020 entry fees to 2022 or request refund.  
Click here to view The 2021 Fly Programme


Membership subscriptions for the 2021 season

At our AGM on 22nd February 2021, it was decided that annual membership subscriptions for local anglers would resume on Monday 1st March, with fees the same as for the previous year. Keys and boat tags will be available from W.S.Sinclair, Stromness and Wm Shearer in Kirkwall from the aforementioned date. Members who had paid their subscription for the 2020 period can carry forward for the 2021 season. click here for further details
Visiting angler membership for 2021 will remain suspended until Scottish Government restrictions are eased to permit travel to and from Orkney. Our online membership facility will remain unavailable until further notice.


The OTFA would like to wish all our members tight lines for 2021

The OTFA is a non-profit making voluntary body dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of game fishing throughout the Orkney Islands. At a time when natural habitats are under continual threat and pressure, the continuation of
the OTFA's work is of paramount importance to both local and visiting angler to ensure that the rich heritage of Orkney trout fishing has a future as bright as it's past.
The work of the Association in the furtherance of this aim includes:
o The operation of a hatchery which using local stock provides for many of Orkney's less productive aters.
o The provision of riparian sites with access and boat launching facilities on the main trout fishing lochs. Most of these sites also provide shelter, piers, car parking and toilet amenities.
o Maintaining a watching brief over all the trout fishing lochs in the county, supporting all efforts that benefit our sport and opposing all measures which are a direct threat to the trout fishing.

Monthly Report for July and August 2020

Click here for full report