Top Rod Norman Irvine

It's about the size of Merkister Bay on Harray, half full of weed and the other half is full of engine busting rocks, but Hundland can produce some of the best angling in the county on its day. Last Thursday night was one of these days!
29 anglers plied their trade on an evening which started off with great conditions, light winds, cloud and right from the 6.30pm start it was obvious the trout were playing ball. There was a heavy concentration of boats started opposite the site hut, most unusual, as most anglers have a preference for the skerries and shallows of the south end. The boats soon spread and as the wind increased, the hot drift was right up the middle of the loch.
The weigh in at 1030 was an exciting affair with many good baskets taken and some unbelievable quality trout on show.
The fitting winner of the Walter Lennie Cup and probably a few other trophies for by was Norman Irvine with a cracking basket of trout going 12 fish for 10lb 10ozs, which included two fish over 2lb! You would think that would be that for the quality fish for the night, but no, neither were anywhere close for the heaviest fish prize, that went to Sandy McConnachie with a belter at 3lb 8 1/4ozs, with another one from Jim Adams which would have been good enough on any other night, weighing 3lb 1 1/2ozs, quite astonishing. Sandy was runner up on the night, with other good bags weighed in by Jim Harcus, 11 for 7lb 9ozs, John Munson with 10 for 6lb 10ozs, and Jim Adams with 4 for 6lb 3ozs.
The fish were mad for Hedgehogs, and it's no coincidence that all the top rods are masters of the art with that fly. Orange was the stand out colour, with claret and peach also getting a mention in dispatches. In the car park chat after the weigh in, it was the opinion of many that the heavy Caenis hatches of the previous days had taken the better fish out into the open water and keen to feed top of the water. Whatever the reason, it made for the most memorable weigh in at Hundland I can remember.
It's back to the Black Lagoon, Swannay next weekend, Hundland will be a hard act to follow.









Lb oz


IRVINE N 12 10 Lb. 10½ oz 16
MCCONNACHIE S 12 10 Lb. 06 oz 15
HARCUS JIM 11 7 Lb. 09 oz 14
MUNSON J 10 6 Lb. 10½ oz 13
ADAMS J 4 6 Lb. 03¾ oz 12
LESLIE S 8 6 Lb. 00 oz 11
HUTCHEON I 9 5 Lb. 14¾ oz 10
CHALMERS N 9 5 Lb. 14 oz 9
FOREMAN B 8 5 Lb. 12½ oz 8
STANGER S 7 4 Lb. 14½ oz 7
MACLEOD K 6 4 Lb. 09 oz 6
RENDALL M 6 3 Lb. 11 oz 5
THOMAS B 5 3 Lb. 08½ oz 4
WATT B 5 3 Lb. 07¾ oz 3
KENNEDY K 5 3 Lb. 05½ oz 2
MORGAN A 5 2 Lb. 13 oz 1
WOOD S 5 2 Lb. 12½ oz 1
BEWS J 4 2 Lb. 06¼ oz 1
HARCUS MICK 2 2 Lb. 04¾ oz 1
RUSSELL M 2 1 Lb. 13¾ oz 1
MILLER LESLIE 2 1 Lb. 11 oz 1
CRAIGIE A 3 1 Lb. 10½ oz 1
GRANT J 3 1 Lb. 09¼ oz 1
MILLER RAYMOND 2 1 Lb. 06½ oz 1
BYERS R 2 1 Lb. 03 oz 1
MUIR THORFINN 2 0 Lb. 15½ oz 1
LEASK J 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0
SUTHERLAND C 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0