Top rod Brian Foreman

A much smaller field of 23 anglers took to the Swannay loch on Sunday the 2nd of July to fish for the Eunson Cup. Swannay had been fishing very well, but overnight gales, and a very strong and blustery westerly wind, coupled with a  bright sun, were to make it a stiff test on the day.
Anglers sought the shelter of the west shore of the loch at the start, but soon spread out, prospecting for feeding fish. For most they were hard to find, but perseverance in the shallow areas of either shores paid off as most fish were found in shallower water. Erno’s, Long Points, Loudenhill and the Dale Shore were most productive, with some also found around and about Jimmy Smith,s and the Holm.
Best basket on the day came from Brian Foreman, who had to abandon his favoured top of the water tactics with Hedgehogs after boat partner Leslie Miller took 3 fish in quick succession early on using a sinking line. Brian changed to a DI5 line and mini lures and took 7 fish for 5lb 9ozs to secure the Eunson Cup, superb angling on a really challenging day. Others who overcame the conditions included Ian Hutcheon with 8 for 5lb 1oz, Sandy McConnachie with 4 good fish for 5lb 1oz, and James Bews with 5 for 5lb. Best fish of the day was weighed in by Stewart Leslie and it went 1lb 13ozs.
Tactics were standard fare for the sun and wind, with DI5 the line for the shallower water, favoured by most of the successful anglers on the day. Flies mentioned after the weigh in included the Christmas Tree, Colin's Viva, McConns Ace, Montana, Claret Dabbler and Hulk.
It's of to the briny waters of Stenness for the rearranged fixture which was cancelled earlier in the season, here's hoping for more conducive angling conditions at the very least.










Lb oz


FOREMAN B 7 5 Lb. 09¼ oz 16
HUTCHEON I 8 5 Lb. 01¼ oz 15
MCCONNACHIE S 4 5 Lb. 01 oz 14
BEWS J 5 5 Lb. 00½ oz 13
IRVINE N 7 4 Lb. 14¼ oz 12
RUSSELL M 7 4 Lb. 12¼ oz 11
LESLIE S 4 4 Lb. 10¾ oz 10
KENNEDY K 5 3 Lb. 12½ oz 9
MORGAN A 5 3 Lb. 04½ oz 8
RENDALL M 4 3 Lb. 00½ oz 7
ADAMS J 4 3 Lb. 00¼ oz 6
GRANT J 5 2 Lb. 14¾ oz 5
SUTHERLAND C 5 2 Lb. 12¼ oz 4
BYERS R 3 2 Lb. 01¾ oz 3
HARCUS JIM 3 1 Lb. 13 oz 2
MACLEOD K 3 1 Lb. 12½ oz 1
WATT B 3 1 Lb. 12½ oz 1
MILLER LESLIE 3 1 Lb. 09½ oz 1
THOMAS B 2 1 Lb. 05 oz 1
MILLER RAYMOND 2 1 Lb. 00¾ oz 1
CHALMERS N 1 0 Lb. 12¼ oz 1
MUNSON J 1 0 Lb. 10½ oz 1
CRAIGIE A 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0
HARCUS MICK 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0