Top rod Malcolm Russell

There was an air of trepidation at the Boardhouse site on Tuesday night as anglers made ready to fish for the WS Sinclair Cup. There was a strong and gusting stronger SE wind and brassy sunshine, usually conditions which would keep you at home beside the fire, but where there's a will, there's a way,  and some anglers cracked the case on a night which actually seen a few others pick up the dreaded “blankety blank, cheque book and pen”.
It was everyone to the head of the wind at the start, with boats strung along the Tufta and Crook shores searching for a bit of shelter from an awkward wind. Many anglers spent the whole night up and down the Crook side, and this was where the best basket on the night was taken. Others tried everywhere else on the loch, with some success found at the Barony and the Narrows.
Irish fly patterns often do well on Orkney lochs and it was a relatively new fly, the Gorgeous George which primarily contributed to Malcolm Russell’s winning basket on the night of 9 fish for 6lb, superb angling on a very difficult night, securing the WS Sinclair Cup. Malcolm was first to admit that it was not his own selection of fly, but that of boat partner’s Stewart Wood, who began catching on one, with Malcolm finding one in his box and putting on the cast, and the rest, as they say, is history. Stewart added that this was quite a common occurrence in their boat.
Others who found the way included our Gallic visitor Phillipe Avril who once again showed his affinity with Boardhouse taking 9 fish for 5lb 14ozs, Ken Kennedy with 8 for 5lb 7ozs, and James Bews with 7 for 5lb 2ozs. Heaviest trout of the night was weighed in by Jimmy Grant and weighed 2lb 1/2oz, and 29 anglers fished on the night.
What threw many anglers on the night was the failure of the usually reliable Hedgehog style of fly, with the fish responding more to mini lures and wet flies on the night with Merky Maid, Merky Hulk, Hulk, Clan Chief, Peach Muddler and the Gorgeous George of course. It's part two of the Boardhouse fest next weekend, a bit less wind would be welcome.



Competition 10 - W S Sinclair Cup







Lb oz


RUSSELL M 9 6 Lb. 00¾ oz 16
PHILLIPE 9 5 Lb. 14 oz 15
KENNEDY K 8 5 Lb. 07½ oz 14
BEWS J 7 5 Lb. 02 oz 13
IRVINE N 6 5 Lb. 02 oz 12
MCCONNACHIE S 7 4 Lb. 12½ oz 11
MACLEOD K 8 4 Lb. 12 oz 10
THOMAS B 5 4 Lb. 12 oz 9
CHALMERS N 5 4 Lb. 09¾ oz 8
THOMPSON BRIAN 6 4 Lb. 07½ oz 7
ADAM K 5 4 Lb. 00 oz 6
HUTCHEON I 6 3 Lb. 12 oz 5
WOOD S 5 3 Lb. 01 oz 4
GRANT J 2 2 Lb. 08½ oz 3
SUTHERLAND C 4 2 Lb. 08¼ oz 2
MILLER RAYMOND 4 2 Lb. 06¼ oz 1
ADAMS J 3 2 Lb. 06 oz 1
FOREMAN B 2 1 Lb. 15¾ oz 1
LESLIE S 2 1 Lb. 09¾ oz 1
LEASK J 2 1 Lb. 05½ oz 1
MILLER LESLIE 2 1 Lb. 05 oz 1
MUNSON J 2 1 Lb. 04½ oz 1
CRAIGIE A 2 1 Lb. 01¾ oz 1
HARCUS MICK 2 1 Lb. 01½ oz 1
STANGER S 2 0 Lb. 15½ oz 1
HARCUS JIM 2 0 Lb. 13¾ oz 1
MORGAN A 1 0 Lb. 07 oz 1
BYERS R 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0
RENDALL M 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0