Top Rod Ken Kennedy

The weather was spot on for the final competition of the season, the much loved,”Any Loch”, fishing for the Alan Findlay Cup. Much of the prospecting by anglers on the previous day was focussed on Harray Loch, but would this be the chosen venue for everyone come Saturday morning, apparently not!
Harray was the main attraction on Saturday and on the whole it fished very well, with fish found feeding in deeper water again. There were good baskets to be had on the shallow ground too, with daddies encouraging fish to feed. There were boats spread out across the loch, from Merkister Bay right down to Tormiston, but the bulk of the anglers fished between Ess Holmes and Biggings out over the deep water.
There were two anglers who chose Boardhouse and again, the fish were found in the deeper water, the productive area had changed though, with most action found off the Pumphouse. Another pair of anglers chose to fish Hundland, and although they didn't produce the numbers of fish found on Harray and Boardhouse, it still fished very well with better quality fish, as it has all season. The weigh in at the Harray site at 5pm would reveal how the 27 participating anglers fared on the day.
Top rod on the day, winning the Alan Findlay Cup, was Ken Kennedy, who fished Harray and weighed in 15 fish for 9lb 5ozs, a reflection on how well the loch had fished. Runner up was Kenny Adam who also fished Harray, his basket of 16 fish going 9lb 2ozs, with James Bews next, again fishing  Harray, with 14 fish for 8lb 12ozs. Sandy McConnachie’s decision to fish Boardhouse was vindicated with his basket of 11 fish for 8lb 8ozs next, just ahead of Malcolm Russell’s Harray basket of 11 for 8lb 7 ozs which included the best fish of the day at 1 lb 10ozs. Successful tactics on Harray and Boardhouse were similar with fast sinking lines employed and mini lures doing the damage. Hulk, Merky Hulk, Cod and Chips, Erlends Cat were all quoted in the debrief which, I might add, was very brief, as a plague of midges descended on everyone present.
There was a lull following the weigh in while the final results were added, checked and the seasons final placings announced.
First place,  and Fisherman of the Year for 2017 was Norman Irvine, but it could not have been closer, winning by 1 point from Sandy McConnachie, who had finished the season with a rash of good results. Norman’s points total of 162, was a record number for a season, consistency personified. The Other Inter County team members for 2018, made up of the top six over the season was completed by Ken Kennedy, James Bews, Malcolm Russell and Stewy Leslie, in that order of finishing. The Airflo Anglian Water Team for the Lake of Menteith, made up of the next six comprises, Ian Hutcheon, Kenny Adam, John Munson, Colin Sutherland, Jimmy Grant, and Raymond Miller who finished in that order.
On reflection, a pretty unremarkable season where the weather on the whole was unkind, Harray didn't really fish to its potential, whereas Hundland did.
The season for many anglers is completed next week with the W S Sinclair Final Fling Open Fly fishing competition on Harray fishing 10 till 5.







Any Loch



Lb oz


KENNEDY K 15 9 Lb. 05 oz 16
ADAM K 16 9 Lb. 02 oz 15
BEWS J 14 8 Lb. 12¾ oz 14
MCCONNACHIE S 11 8 Lb. 08½ oz 13
RUSSELL M 11 8 Lb. 07¼ oz 12
HARCUS JIM 11 8 Lb. 02¾ oz 11
CHALMERS N 11 7 Lb. 13¼ oz 10
IRVINE N 11 7 Lb. 11¼ oz 9
LESLIE S 12 7 Lb. 09 oz 8
MILLER RAYMOND 10 6 Lb. 11½ oz 7
GRANT J 10 5 Lb. 08¼ oz 6
SUTHERLAND C 8 5 Lb. 06¼ oz 5
HARCUS MICK 7 4 Lb. 13¼ oz 4
FOREMAN B 7 4 Lb. 06¼ oz 3
BEAUMONT G 6 4 Lb. 05¼ oz 0
HUTCHEON I 6 4 Lb. 01½ oz 2
THOMPSON BRIAN 5 3 Lb. 13¾ oz 1
RENDALL M 5 3 Lb. 05¼ oz 1
LEASK J 4 3 Lb. 05 oz 1
WOOD S 4 3 Lb. 02¾ oz 1
MACLEOD K 5 3 Lb. 02¼ oz 1
MUNSON J 4 2 Lb. 11¾ oz 1
MILLER H 4 2 Lb. 11 oz 1
MORGAN A 4 2 Lb. 10¼ oz 1
CRAIGIE A 3 2 Lb. 05¼ oz 1
MILLER LESLIE 3 1 Lb. 14¼ oz 1
THOMAS B 2 1 Lb. 08¾ oz 1