Top Rod Malcolm Russell


After a week of bright sun and wind, the thick cloud brought an air of optimism to the Harray car park, with many anglers thinking that a good days sport lay ahead, wrong!
27 anglers had set out at 10am, with most heading north to the quiet waters on the lea shores at Bankhead, Decca, Merkister and the likes, hoping for midge or olive activity, but like days previous, there was very little happening, and feeding fish were hard to find anywhere. The north westerly picked up in strength as the morning wore on, with a distinct chill in the air, this definitely did the cause no good, and I for one hate to see the air cooler than the water temperature, the fish seem reluctant to take in these conditions, following flies to the surface only to abort at the last minute. There was constant activity on the recognised drifts throughout the day as anglers searched for a patch of feeding fish.
A couple of boats found sport drifting out of the corner at Peter Spence’s, and this where the winning basket was put together. Malcolm Russell weighed in a highly commendable basket of 9 fish for 6lb 10ozs to easily win the Merkister Cup, closest to him was Ian Hutcheon with 5 good fish for 4lb 9ozs, which included the best of the day at 1lb 6ozs. Others who winkled out a few included Jim Harcus with 6 for 4lb 6ozs, Ken Kennedy with 6 for 4lb and Sandy McConnachie with 6 for 3lb 15ozs.
There was a bit of a story behind Malcolm’s win, with 7 of his 9 fish coming to a fly which his boat partner, Kenny McLeod, had shown him the day before. Malcolm tied one up for the competition, and Kenny had to sit back and watch Malcolm rake them in, while he couldn’t get a pull on it all day. Sometimes that 6 feet between you and your partner in the boat seems like a mile. Malcolm has kindly shared Kenny’s fly with the rest of us, no doubt it will never work again! Malcolm fished the DI7 as did a few other successful anglers. Others managed to find fish in the shallows with hogs, pennels and snatchers, with nothing really standing out.
There’s a bit of a break from proceedings now as teams head north and south to compete in the Anglian Airflo International, Scottish heat at the Lake of Menteith, and the Inter County in Shetland, which will probably be on Tingwall. Tight lines to all competing.

Thanks to Malcom and Kenny for letting us share the top fly








Lb oz


RUSSELL M 9 6 Lb. 10¼ oz 16
HUTCHEON I 5 4 Lb. 09¼ oz 15
HARCUS J 6 4 Lb. 06 oz 14
KENNEDY K 6 4 Lb. 00¼ oz 13
MCCONNACHIE S 6 3 Lb. 15¾ oz 12
MUIR T 5 3 Lb. 11¾ oz 11
RENDALL M 4 3 Lb. 11¾ oz 10
IRVINE N 4 3 Lb. 09 oz 9
ADAMS J 4 3 Lb. 00¼ oz 8
CHALMERS N 3 2 Lb. 12¼ oz 7
GRANT J 4 2 Lb. 10¾ oz 6
CRAIGIE A 3 2 Lb. 07¾ oz 5
MORGAN A 4 2 Lb. 06¼ oz 4
LEASK J 3 2 Lb. 05 oz 3
MACLEOD K 3 2 Lb. 03 oz 2
MILLER RAYMOND 2 1 Lb. 08 oz 1
LESLIE S 2 1 Lb. 05¾ oz 1
THOMAS BRIAN 3 1 Lb. 05 oz 1
FOREMAN B 2 1 Lb. 04¼ oz 1
HARCUS M 2 1 Lb. 03 oz 1
MUNSON J 2 1 Lb. 02 oz 1
WOOD S 1 1 Lb. 02 oz 1
ADAM K 1 0 Lb. 15 oz 1
ADAMSON G 1 0 Lb. 14 oz 1
MCCONNACHIE A 1 0 Lb. 12½ oz 1
THOMPSON BRIAN 1 0 Lb. 12¼ oz 1
MILLER HAMISH 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0