Top Rod and Heaviest fish Norman Irvine

I’m sure most anglers were like me for most of the day last Saturday, waiting for a call to say the nights competition was cancelled due to high winds. It never came and the Midnight Cup went ahead, and the conditions were not as bad as you would imagine, with the wind slightly off the Pumphouse shore, giving good shelter.
A much depleted field of 19 took to the boats at 7pm, and most anglers headed for shelter, with the Barony, Inkbottle and Pumphouse shores popular, and it was obvious that the shallow ground of the shores was where most attention was given. There was not a great deal of scouting about going on early, so fish were being caught. It wasn’t until the light was going that boats looked for drifts over clean, unfished ground.
The tic tac at the site suggested that Boardhouse had been fishing very well during the day, on the week leading up to the Competition. Merkister Hotel guests had numerous fish to 3lb, and others reported tremendous top of the water  sport. The question was, would it fish at night, and a squally night at that? The answer was a resounding yes.
Best basket of the night was weighed in by the in-form, Norman Irvine. 12 fish for 10lb 3ozs , which included the heaviest fish of the night, and 3 over the pound for 4lb 3 1/4ozs was outstanding angling and secured the Midnight Cup and probably an armful of other trophies for by. We had some visiting anglers from Islay present on the night who fished the night from the bank, in a friendly competition with the OTFA. They presented Norman with a special bottle of single malt and a club hat for his efforts. Others who did well included Jim Harcus with 11 for 8lb 8ozs, Ian Hutcheon with 11 for 7lb and Stewy Leslie with 10 for 6lb 13ozs.
The Hedgehog specialists did well on the night, with the top three all catching on black, bibio, claret and orange. Location was key, with Norman taking all his fish, on and around Stanger skerry at the Barony end.










Lb oz


IRVINE N 12 10 Lb. 03 oz 16
HARCUS J 11 8 Lb. 08 oz 15
HUTCHEON I 11 7 Lb. 00¼ oz 14
LESLIE S 10 6 Lb. 13¾ oz 13
SUTHERLAND C 10 6 Lb. 06¼ oz 12
MCCONNACHIE S 8 6 Lb. 03¾ oz 11
MACLEOD K 8 6 Lb. 02½ oz 10
MUNSON J 8 5 Lb. 14 oz 9
KENNEDY K 6 4 Lb. 13¾ oz 8
ADAM K 4 3 Lb. 02½ oz 7
FOREMAN B 4 3 Lb. 00 oz 6
RENDALL M 4 2 Lb. 07 oz 5
ADAMS J 3 2 Lb. 00¾ oz 4
RUSSELL M 3 1 Lb. 15¼ oz 3
MORGAN A 2 1 Lb. 13 oz 2
STANGER S 3 1 Lb. 11¼ oz 1
GRANT J 2 1 Lb. 10¼ oz 1
HARCUS M 1 0 Lb. 11 oz 1
MUIR T 1 0 Lb. 07 oz 1
SINCLAIR B 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0