Back to back wins for “in form” Norman Irvine

Top Rod Norman Irvine


Anglers must have been humming to the Clash hit “should I stay or should I go” when they turned up on Sunday morning to fish the Eunson Cup on the Loch of Swannay. The forecast was never great but by 9am the wind was a good 10 mph more than forecasted and it looked decidedly unpleasant. A slight lull prompted the decision to go ahead but a few competitors made their own plans to head back home. Thankfully, the southerly wind mellowed slightly and moved towards the south west and by early afternoon, conditions were still pretty breezy but relatively fine. The same could not be said for the fishing though and the Swannay trout were not in the mood for being caught. The 23 anglers taking part landed just 59 fish – and it was a struggle for everybody. Top rod on the day went to Norman Irvine with 4 fish for 3 lb 14.5 oz, narrowly beating James Harcus into 2nd place with his 6 for 3 lb 14 oz. Stuart Leslie took 3rd place with 6 for 3 lb 9.75 oz. The heaviest fish was taken by Alan McConnachie at 1 lb 9.25 oz. As far as tactics on the day were concerned, most things did not work!! Certainly, deep water was a waste of time, and for many, Hogs did not do the business either. Norman and Stuey took their fish using a 5 sweep, with a Christmas Tree and Alexandra mentioned in dispatches. The Clan Chief also took fish for some, and Wooder’s Tingwall Ace did well. James fished an intermediate and bucked the trend by catching on Hogs. The fish were in and around the stones – of which plenty were on show as the loch was very low. So it’s Hundland next for the cancelled Water Lennie Cup on Wednesday, followed by the much loved early morning event on Harray on Saturday. Special mention must go to Orkney’s SANACC finalists, Sandy McConnachie and Colin Sutherland for successfully qualifying to the National final on the Lake of Menteith in September. Best of luck for the final, lads. 









Lb oz


IRVINE N 4 3 Lb. 14½ oz 16
HARCUS J 6 3 Lb. 14 oz 15
LESLIE S 6 3 Lb. 09¾ oz 14
RENDALL M 4 2 Lb. 12¾ oz 13
RUSSELL M 5 2 Lb. 08¼ oz 12
CHALMERS N 2 2 Lb. 05¾ oz 11
MCCONNACHIE A 2 2 Lb. 04½ oz 10
MORGAN A 2 2 Lb. 02 oz 9
MCCONNACHIE S 3 2 Lb. 00 oz 8
LEASK J 3 1 Lb. 15½ oz 7
MACLEOD K 3 1 Lb. 14½ oz 6
ADAMS J 3 1 Lb. 14½ oz 6
ADAM K 3 1 Lb. 11¾ oz 4
STANGER S 3 1 Lb. 10 oz 3
CRAIGIE A 2 1 Lb. 09 oz 2
SINCLAIR B 2 1 Lb. 07 oz 1
HARCUS M 2 1 Lb. 04¾ oz 1
BYERS R 2 1 Lb. 03¼ oz 1
MUIR T 1 0 Lb. 14 oz 1
HUTCHEON I 1 0 Lb. 09½ oz 1
MUNSON J 1 0 Lb. 07½ oz 1
SUTHERLAND C 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0
GRANT J 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0