Top Rod Raymond Miller


It would appear that the holiday season is over, with 31 anglers fishing for the Willie Windwick Cup on Boardhouse last Thursday night. There was a good buzz about the site car park, with a nice breeze and cloud cover suggesting that there could be a Caenis hatch in the offing, with trout rising and feeding with gay abandon all night, bringing great sport for all, time would tell.
The south end was stowed out with boats at the 6 30 pm start, with a westerly wind giving a nice drift onto the Tufta Shore and the Knowe. Rods were immediately seen bent into fish, for some, but not all, with certain anglers doing very well, it was obvious it would take a good basket to win this competition.
Disappointingly, the wind never dropped all night, putting paid to any Caenis, but there was a smattering of buzzers hatching which did stir the fish into feeding in parts of the loch. Anglers reported finishing with a flurry of fish, Brian Forman had 3 in the last ten minutes, including the nights best fish at 1lb 15ozs. His boat partner, Fanta, also got snapped off by a big fish within the hectic ten minute spell. Great to see Fanta out for a dirl round the loch again.
Best basket on the night was weighed in by Raymond Miller, with a cracking basket of 11 fish for 8lb 9ozs, securing the Willie Windwick Cup. Raymond fished a neutral density line and had the bulk of his fish on the hot fly from last week on Hundland, the Capuchin Monkey, with others taken on the Caenis Muddler and White Cat. In second spot was the irrepressible Norman Irvine with 9 fish for 5lb 15 ozs taken on Hedgehogs, both the top baskets came from the Tufta Shore/Knowe area. Others who managed to work out how to catch them included Stewart Wood with 8 for 5lb 5ozs, Stewy Leslie with 6 for 4lb 13ozs and Jim Adams with 7 for 4lb 9ozs. For others, it was a typical struggle on Boardhouse, if you are not giving it to them exactly how they want it, you will catch hee haw. Most of my night was spent, on hearing a splash behind the boat, turning round to see if  I could see the rise, only to see Raymond slipping the net under another fish, most frustrating from 50 yards away, and Malcolm Russell, Raymond’s boat partner for the night confirmed that it was ten times worse sitting 6 feet away, great angling Raymond!
We have a week to sort out in our minds where we went wrong, as it’s back to Boardhouse next weekend for more pleasure or pain.









Lb oz


MILLER RAYMOND 11 8 Lb. 09½ oz 16
IRVINE N 9 5 Lb. 15¾ oz 15
WOOD S 8 5 Lb. 05½ oz 14
LESLIE S 6 4 Lb. 13¾ oz 13
ADAMS J 7 4 Lb. 09 oz 12
HUTCHEON I 6 4 Lb. 05¾ oz 11
FOREMAN B 4 4 Lb. 05 oz 10
BYERS R 6 3 Lb. 11 oz 9
CRAIGIE A 6 3 Lb. 09 oz 8
MUNSON J 4 3 Lb. 03½ oz 7
HARCUS J 4 3 Lb. 01½ oz 6
GRANT J 3 2 Lb. 14¾ oz 5
SUTHERLAND C 3 2 Lb. 12¾ oz 4
MACLEOD K 3 2 Lb. 08 oz 3
CHALMERS N 4 2 Lb. 07¾ oz 2
ADAMSON G 3 2 Lb. 06¾ oz 1
RUSSELL M 4 2 Lb. 06½ oz 1
RENDALL M 3 1 Lb. 13 oz 1
STANGER S 3 1 Lb. 12½ oz 1
MCCONNACHIE S 3 1 Lb. 11¾ oz 1
LEASK J 3 1 Lb. 11 oz 1
KENNEDY K 1 1 Lb. 08½ oz 1
MUIR T 2 1 Lb. 06½ oz 1
MCCONNACHIE A 2 1 Lb. 05¼ oz 1
THOMAS BRIAN 2 1 Lb. 05 oz 1
MORGAN A 2 1 Lb. 03¾ oz 1
MILLER HAMISH 2 0 Lb. 15½ oz 1
SINCLAIR B 1 0 Lb. 09 oz 1
ADAM K 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0
BROWN G 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0
HARCUS M 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0