The Munchkin Wins Any Loch & Norman Irvine Is Crowned Fisherman Of The Year


Norman Irvine and John Munson

What a difference a day makes, from the despondency of the the day before on a rock hard Boardhouse, to some great angling to be had on Harray, Swannay and Hundland, such are the vagaries of Orkney trout fishing.
A change in conditions for Sunday morning with the wind turning to the South and full cloud cover gave a feeling of optimism at the Harray site for the 11am start, where most, but not all of the anglers had decided to fish. Two boats were posted missing, Neil Chalmers and Graham Adamson had decided on Hundland and Brian Forman had plumped for Swannay, more on that later.
There was a good spread of boats at the start on Harray, with Lochside/Tormiston seeing the majority, with Ballarrat and Ess Holmes also popular, most boats were fishing the shores and skerries but a few plied there trade with sinking lines in the deep water drifts. There was to be a lot of prospecting as the day wore on, with the wind picking up to a good blow by late afternoon, and the need for some shelter from the worst of it. There was no one to be seen much north of Nistaben, but tucked away, around the corner in Merkister Bay was John Munson and Brian Thomas, with the whole area to themselves, with the fish really on, and boy did they make the most of it.
John weighed in a cracking basket of 22 fish for 15lb 11ozs to lift the Alan Findlay Cup in fine style, with Jim Harcus in second with 13 fish for 10lb 11ozs, third was Brian Forman, who had Swannay to himself and it paid off handsomely with 14 fish for 10lb 9ozs. Best fish of the day was a bonny Harray trout for Andrew Morgan going 1lb 6ozs.
John had all his fish around the skerries of Merky Bay, fishing small Hedgehogs on the Camo line, with his very own Munchkin hog accounting for most of his fish. Jim Harcus also caught on dark hogs fishing up the east side of the loch and Brian’s best fly on Swannay was the Peach hog in small sizes.
It took a while to tally up the all important scores and final placings and there were certainly some big movers on the final day. First and foremost, Fly Fisherman of the year was Norman Irvine with yet another super consistent season winning umpteen competitions and trophies, with runner up Jim Harcus also putting in some fine angling performances but unable to overhaul Norman at any stage. The rest of the top six team were Sandy McConnachie, Stewy Leslie, Ian Hutcheon and John Munson, these anglers will fish the Intercounty and the Angling Water International Final. The team for The Anglian Water qualifier at Menteith will be the second six anglers comprising, Jim Adams, Kenny McLeod, Maurice Rendall, Neil Chalmers, Brian Forman and Ken Kennedy, congratulations to all.
It’s the Final Fling next Saturday on Harray, an open competition fishing for the WS Sinclair Trophy on Harray, any other names to Andrew Morgan before next Thursday.






Any Loch



Lb oz


MUNSON J 22 15 Lb. 11¾ oz 16
HARCUS J 13 10 Lb. 11¾ oz 15
FOREMAN B 14 10 Lb. 09¾ oz 14
MORGAN A 10 10 Lb. 04 oz 13
MCCONNACHIE A 13 9 Lb. 10 oz 12
THOMAS BRIAN 15 9 Lb. 03 oz 11
BEWS J 9 7 Lb. 09¾ oz 10
CHALMERS N 10 7 Lb. 09½ oz 9
MUIR T 12 7 Lb. 09 oz 8
HUTCHEON I 10 7 Lb. 07½ oz 7
KENNEDY K 10 6 Lb. 11¼ oz 6
RUSSELL M 9 6 Lb. 05¾ oz 5
MCCONNACHIE S 8 5 Lb. 15 oz 4
THOMPSON BRIAN 6 5 Lb. 14¼ oz 3
SUTHERLAND C 8 5 Lb. 11 oz 2
IRVINE N 9 5 Lb. 10¼ oz 1
ADAM K 9 5 Lb. 04¾ oz 1
MILLER RAYMOND 7 5 Lb. 04½ oz 1
CRAIGIE A 7 4 Lb. 14¾ oz 1
LEASK J 7 4 Lb. 12 oz 1
LESLIE S 5 3 Lb. 12½ oz 1
ADAMSON G 6 3 Lb. 08¾ oz 1
WOOD S 4 3 Lb. 02¼ oz 1
ADAMS J 5 3 Lb. 01¼ oz 1
HARCUS M 4 3 Lb. 00 oz 1
MILLER HAMISH 3 2 Lb. 09½ oz 1
GRANT J 4 2 Lb. 09¼ oz 1
SHEARER A 3 2 Lb. 08¾ oz 1
BROWN G 3 2 Lb. 07 oz 1
MACLEOD K 1 0 Lb. 12 oz 1