Nick Nick

On Saturday 15th June, an East South Easterly wind greeted the 10 fishers on Boardhouse prior to the start of the
Nick  Nick Competition. Welcome to Steve Groundwater who has joined the Brodgar fishing league. It’s always nice to see new fishers appear. We were missing a few of the once regulars, so would be nice to see you making the effort to make a comeback boys.
Prior to 10am start, boats moved in different directions, some down, some up and some across the loch, some to the narrows. Because of the airt o’ wind it meant you could fish the shores on either side of the loch. Throughout the day the wind changed speed, at some points it would go down slightly then it would get up again becoming quite fresh. By 12.30pm, 4 out of the 5 boats were fishing lower end of loch with the exception of Graham & Davie Summers who stayed up the Barony end obviously finding the fishing fruitful. Six hours sitting in a boat with windy conditions is a long time to thrash the water with little success. Several undersize fish were put back, several missed resulting in several flurries of non printable phrases.
Come 4pm, most fishers were glad to come ashore and tie the boats up.
At the weighin there were no monsters on show, several round the 1lb 2ozs and 1lb 3ozs but the heavies fish went to Graham Summers  at 1lb 8ozs.
Basket wise in 3rd place with 5 fish for 4lbs 7 ½ ozs was Arthur Barnett. In 2nd place was Davie Summers with 11 for
 9lbs 5 1/2 ozs and in 1st place with 12 fish for 10lbs 10ozs was his son and partner Graham , so a good boat and worthwhile staying up the Barony shore. Today Graham has both heaviest fish and heaviest basket.
Next competition is on Friday night 21st June on Harray 6.30pm – 10.30pm and is the William Shearer Plate.



Competition 4 - Nick Nick







Lb oz


SUMMERS G 12 10 Lb. 10 oz 10
SUMMERS D 11 9 Lb. 05½ oz 9
BARNETT A 5 4 Lb. 07½ oz 8
CAMERON D 5 3 Lb. 14 oz 7
MILLER P 4 3 Lb. 11 oz 6
GROUNDWATER S 3 2 Lb. 06 oz 5
CHALMERS K 3 2 Lb. 02½ oz 4
LESLIE J 3 2 Lb. 02 oz 3
LINKLATER D 1 0 Lb. 15½ oz 2
BALLANTINE M 1 0 Lb. 13½ oz 1


1. Monday 6th May Swannay. Thomson Cup for heaviest basket. Dowell Quaich for heaviest fish. 12 noon - 6pm. Weigh-in 6pm - 6.45pm at Site Hut.
2. Saturday 18th May Hundland for the Taffy Allan Trophy. 12 noon - 5pm.
Weigh-in 5pm - 5.45pm at Site Hut.
3. Saturday 1st June Harray for the Pomona Cup. 12 noon - 6pm.
Weigh-in 6pm - 7pm at the Pomona Inn.
4. Saturday 15th June Boardhouse for the Nick – Nick Trophy. 10am - 4pm.
Weigh-in 4pm - 4.45pm at the Site Hut.
5. Friday 21st June Harray for the Wm Shearer Plate. 6.30pm – 10.30pm.
Weigh-in 10.30pm – 11.15 pm at the Site Hut.
6. Sunday 7th July Boardhouse for the Barony Cup. 12 noon - 6pm.
Weigh-in 6pm - 6.45pm at the Barony Hotel.
7. Sunday 21st July Harray for the Miller Cup. 9am - 3pm.
Weigh-in 3pm - 3.45pm at the Site Hut.
8. Sunday 4th August Harray for the Clydesdale Bank Cup. 1.00pm - 7pm.
Weigh-in 7pm - 7.45pm at the Site Hut.
9. Sunday 25th August Any Loch for the Loganair Cup. 11am - 5pm.
Weigh-in 5pm - 6pm at the Harray Site Hut.

Note: An 11 inch limit will apply for all the seasons Brodgar League competitions.

Cancelled Competitions - In the event of any Brodgar League competition having to be cancelled the next available date below shall apply. Saturday 25th May; Sunday 23rd June; Friday 28th June (Evening); Saturday 27th July; Sunday 18th August; Sunday 1st September.