Orkney v Shetland 2018



The Orkney fly fishing team set sail for Shetland on the evening of Saturday 9th of June, with the Intercounty fished over the following two days on Tingwall. The weather forecast for both days was looking good with a steady, but at times chilly breeze, and full cloud cover, so a good match was in prospect. Orkney were defending the cup which had been in their possession for the last couple of years.

Stu Leslie, Ken Kennedy, Jim Bews,Malcolm Russell, Kenny Adam and Ian Hutcheon

It was straight to the loch on Sunday morning from the ferry, draw for partners, and out on to a very pleasant Tingwall. There was a nice breeze, full cloud cover, and early on, fish rising to the olives which were hatching steadily. This was not the Tingwall of old, and it soon became apparent that there were certainly fish to be caught, many up in the water. As the day wore on, the wind became more cyclonic, which finished the olive hatch and put the fish down, but they could still be contacted with a sunk line.
The weigh in at 5pm found Shetland with a commanding lead, with a solid team performance, they had caught 43 fish for 25lb 11ozs, while Orkney had 35 for 20lb 9ozs. James Henry and Sean McCaffrey were Shetland’s best, with 11 each, while Stewy Leslie and Malcolm Russell had been Orkney’s successful rods with 9 and 10 respectively. It was time for Orkney to compare notes and plan for the second day. The hospitality received from our Shetland hosts was spectacular as always, with a splendid meal in the Grand followed by a few refreshments back at their Clubhouse, where the craic was amazing and went on into the wee small hours.
The morning of day 2 arrived following what seemed to be a very short bedtime, but with similar conditions, albeit cooler with a more northerly, but steady breeze, there was still all to play for. The previous day, most of the angling effort had been in the deeper South Loch as the locals call it, but surprisingly, a couple of boats chose to stay in the North Loch for much of the day.  The favoured drifts at the Golf Course and the Island in the south were heavily fished all day by the other four boats.

Josh Brush, Billy Morrison, Sean McCaffrey, James Henry, Darren Laurenson and
Peter Laurenson

At the weigh in at 2.30, an early finish to catch the ferry, it soon became apparent that Orkney had fared well, and it all went very quiet in the Site Hut as each angler weighed in. It took a while to verify the result but Shetland had prevailed, but their lead of 5lb plus from the day before, had been reduced to 1lb 2ozs! A great team effort by the Orkney anglers on the second day had come up just short. All that was left to do was to present Shetland’s top angler over the two days, Sean McCaffrey with the Intercounty Cup and congratulate them all on great result over the two days. The top rod overall was Orkney’s Stewy Leslie, who had landed 15 fish for 9lb 13ozs over the piece, a tremendous effort. The final totals were Shetland, 56 fish for 3lb 12ozs, to Orkney’s 54 fish for 32lb 10ozs, and all who took part agreed that it had been a most enjoyable competition weekend, with  Tingwall Loch doing much to enhance its reputation.

Sean McCaffrey