The annual road to qualification for the Scottish International Flyfishing Team began for most Orkney anglers with a heat on Harray Loch last Sunday. The 22 man field was made of 19 local anglers and 3 visitors from across the Firth, with 50% going through to a semi final of their choice at a different venue. The southerly wind which had been up for a couple of days was due to drop substantially on the day, but the timing given by the forecasters was probably going to be too late for good fishing conditions.

Leslie Millar, Ian Hutcheon and Sandy McConnachie

The start at 10am was the most bizarre site, in most other years it has been a race to the north end of the loch, but 8 of the 11 boats stopped to fish just outside the site at Ned’s or in the bay at Bochan, with 2 heading for Tormiston and 1 up the loch, and there was me thinking nobody else knew about all the fish at Ned’s! The boats then quickly dispersed on to shallow shoreline drifts, with most fish being found in very shallow water as on previous days. With no weather for buzzer hatches, most fish were feeding on shrimp and small black terrestrials.
The wind blew until about half an hour before the finish, when it dropped to near calm, the flies began to hatch and the fish were up on them like a shot. A few anglers who made the most of it secured qualification in that short time. At the weigh in, it was immediately apparent that it would take a good few fish to qualify. The match was successfully fished on a partial catch and release basis, with a 6 fish kill, then C&R with 3/3lb given for each fish returned. Top rod on the day was the in-form Sandy McConnachie with 12 fish for a total of 9lb 6ozs, followed closely by regular boat partner Ian Hutcheon who also had 12 for 9lb 3ozs. Leslie Miller in third had a cracking basket of 9 fish for 7lb 12ozs, which included 2 of the heaviest fish of the competition. The other qualifiers in no particular order were, Jim Harcus, Jim Adams, Malcolm Russell, Andrew Morgan, John Munson, Ken Kennedy, Neil Chalmers and Colin Sutherland. Unfortunately the three anglers who travelled north for the competition, Gary Ballantyne, Bill Taylor and Ali Mc Gillivray were all unsuccessful but I hope thus will not deter their return for another attempt next year. The match officials on the day were Raymond Millar and Richard Byers, with Andrew Morgan officiating for SANACC.
Tactics were varied but probably evenly split between intermediate lines with small hedge hogs in peach, black, orange or sooty, and pulling with mini lures on a DI3 with the Hulk, White Cat and Merkister Maid popular. Sandy, Ian and Leslie all found success with the hogs, with all the fish being in very shallow water, on the “yellow” stones.
Tight lines too all the qualifiers where and whenever their semifinals are.


Brodgar League 2018

1. Monday 7th May Swannay. Thomson Cup for heaviest basket. Dowell Quaich for heaviest fish. 12 noon - 6.00 pm Weigh-in 6.00 pm - 6.45 pm at Site Hut.

2. Saturday 19th May Hundland for the Taffy Allan Trophy. 12 noon - 5.00 pm
Weigh-in 5.00 pm - 5.45 pm at Site Hut.

3. Saturday 2nd June Harray for the Pomona Cup. 12 noon - 6.00 pm.
Weigh-in 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm at the Pomona Inn.

4. Sunday 10th June Boardhouse for the Barony Cup. 12 noon - 6.00 pm.
Weigh-in 6.00 pm - 6.45 pm at the Barony Hotel.

5. Friday 22nd June Harray for the Wm Shearer Plate. 6.30pm – 10.30pm.
Weigh-in 10.30 pm – 11.15 pm at the Site Hut. Cancelled due to strong winds

6. Saturday 30th June Boardhouse for the Nick – Nick Trophy. 11 noon - 5.00 pm.
Weigh-in 5.00 pm - 5.45 pm at the Site Hut.

7. Sunday 15th July Harray for the Miller Cup. 9.00 am - 3.00 pm.
Weigh-in 3.00 pm - 3.45 pm at the Site Hut.

8. Saturday 28th July Harray for the Clydesdale Bank Cup. 11.00am - 5pm.
Weigh-in 5.00 pm - 5.45 pm at the Site Hut.

9. Sunday 19th August Any Loch for the Loganair Cup. 11.00 am - 5.00 pm.
Weigh-in 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm at the Harray Site Hut.

Note : An 11 inch limit will apply for all the seasons Brodgar League competitions.

Cancelled Competitions

- In the event of any Brodgar League competition having to be cancelled the next available date below shall apply. Sunday 27th May; Saturday 23rd June ; Saturday 21st July; Saturday 25th August.


Friday 22nd June Harray for the Wm Shearer Plate.
Cancelled due to strong winds


SUNDAY     10th JUNE 2018
On Boardhouse on Sunday 10th June for the Barony Cup, there was a pleasant East South easterly breeze for the 15 fishers participating. Pre start, boats headed to Tufta, some across to the farm on opposite shore, one to ‘The Hummock’ and some to Inkbottle corner. Boats stayed on drifts for a while but after a couple of hours started to move up, down, across to try and locate fish. Speed wise, the breeze stayed constant but later in afternoon became more easterly. People were going long periods of time without contacting fish.

Top Rod Paul Miller

At the weigh in at the Barony Hotel, several good fish were weighed in, Graham Summers & Paul Miller at 1lb 71/2 oozes, Graham & Davie Summers @ 1lb 9ozs, Arthur Barnett @ 1lb 91/2, Eddie Barnett @ 1lb 10 and Alan Brough @ 1lb 11ozs but the heaviest fish of the day went to Jack Leslie @ 1lb 15 ½ oozes.

Baskets, in 3rd place was Jack with 9 fish for 10lb 5ozs, 2nd went to Graham Summers with 13 for
12lbs 11ozs and heaviest basket went to Paul Miller with 16 for 14lbs 2ozs adding another 10 points to the existing 2 sets of 10. So far he has scored 39 / 40 in 4 competitions.
It was good to see Sweyn Leonard back fishing in the Brodgar competitions.
Many thanks to Davy & staff in Barony for allowing us to weigh in there and thanks for the soup after the weigh in.
Next competition is Wm. Shearer Plate on Harray Friday 22nd June 6.30 – 10.30pm.


Competition 4 - Barony Cup







Lb oz


MILLER P 16 14 Lb. 02 oz 10
SUMMERS G 13 12 Lb. 11 oz 9
LESLIE J 9 10 Lb. 05 oz 8
BARNETT E 10 8 Lb. 09 oz 7
BROUGH A 9 8 Lb. 08 oz 6
LINKLATER D 10 8 Lb. 05 oz 5
SUMMERS D 9 7 Lb. 02 oz 4
MCDONALD W 8 5 Lb. 01 oz 3
CAMERON D 7 5 Lb. 00 oz 2
FLETT S 7 4 Lb. 12 oz 1
FLETT E 6 4 Lb. 07 oz 0
LEONARD S 6 3 Lb. 12 oz 0
DREVER R 5 3 Lb. 11 oz 0
BARNETT A 3 3 Lb. 06 oz 0
BALLANTINE M 3 2 Lb. 04½ oz 0