Finally, some proper fishing weather with a warm westerly wind and dark skies for the open fly fishing competition on Harray for the WS Sinclair Trophy, affectionately known as the “Final Fling”. It’s a very popular competition as the 32 entries showed, although the 3 no-shows gave the organisers some last minute headaches, having to shuffle things about to suit. It was heartening to see some new faces and some overseas visitors there to enjoy the friendly competition.
It was Merkister Bay that received the bulk of the attention following the 10am start, with 90% of the fleet starting there, a result of last week’s big baskets coming from that area I suppose, but boat pressure in such shallow water soon puts the fish down and it failed to produce. Ballarrat saw a few boats as did Lochside but well spread out. It was the boys on the sinking lines at Ballarrat which saw the best of the sport on the day, although the loch fished well all over, with more fly life evident than there’s been for months. Daddies, sedge, olives and wee black midge were all making an appearance, and spooning revealed that the trout were also feeding hard on Sitickleback fry.

Ken Kennedy, Barbara Morgan (sponsor WS Sinclair) and Billy Sinclair

The weigh in at 5pm at The Smithfield Hotel saw a lot of happy anglers and good baskets of trout, and following the soup and sandwiches, which were much appreciated by all present, organiser Andrew Morgan of main sponsors WS Sinclair’s in Stromness presented the prizes for the day.
Retaining the WS Sinclair Trophy, with a tremendous basket of trout, 24 for 17lb 7ozs was Ken Kennedy, in second place was Malcolm Russell with 14 for 10lb 3ozs and third was Neil Chalmers with 9 fish for 7lb 2ozs, who all received generous tackle vouchers for WS Sinclair Tackle in Stromness. Best boat prize on the day was Billy Sinclair and Ken Kennedy with a combined total of 28 fish for 20lb 4ozs, the heaviest fish prize, sponsored by the Merkister Hotel, was won by Derek Moar with a bonny fish going 1lb 6ozs. Stuart Montgomery retained the prize fir the heaviest basket from an Overseas competitor, and relative newcomer to the gentle art, David Fletcher, won the Spoon, sponsored by the Smithfield Hotel, a meal for two at the hotel.
The most successful tactics for the top three on the day were very similar, with Ken, Malcolm and Neil all on the sinking lines, Ken’s cast of flies included Hulks, Erlends Cat, an Orange UV Muddler and a UV Black Cat. Malcolm’s best was the Naked Boris, a fly he gas done very well with lately on Harray. So that’s it, the 2018 competition season on Orkney comes to a close, but there are still some major competitions south with a big Orkney interest, so it’s all the very best to Colin Sutherland and Sandy McConnachie in the upcoming Scottish National Final at the Lake of Menteith, and to the team off to fish the Anglian Airflo International Final in October.


Brodgar League 2018

1. Monday 7th May Swannay. Thomson Cup for heaviest basket. Dowell Quaich for heaviest fish. 12 noon - 6.00 pm Weigh-in 6.00 pm - 6.45 pm at Site Hut.

2. Saturday 19th May Hundland for the Taffy Allan Trophy. 12 noon - 5.00 pm
Weigh-in 5.00 pm - 5.45 pm at Site Hut.

3. Saturday 2nd June Harray for the Pomona Cup. 12 noon - 6.00 pm.
Weigh-in 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm at the Pomona Inn.

4. Sunday 10th June Boardhouse for the Barony Cup. 12 noon - 6.00 pm.
Weigh-in 6.00 pm - 6.45 pm at the Barony Hotel.

5. Friday 22nd June Harray for the Wm Shearer Plate. 6.30pm – 10.30pm.
Weigh-in 10.30 pm – 11.15 pm at the Site Hut. Cancelled due to strong winds

6. Saturday 30th June Boardhouse for the Nick – Nick Trophy. 11 noon - 5.00 pm.
Weigh-in 5.00 pm - 5.45 pm at the Site Hut.

7. Sunday 15th July Harray for the Miller Cup. 9.00 am - 3.00 pm.
Weigh-in 3.00 pm - 3.45 pm at the Site Hut.

8. Saturday 28th July Cancelled due to wather rescheduled date Sunday 26th. August Harray for the Clydesdale Bank Cup. 11.00am - 5pm.
Weigh-in 5.00 pm - 5.45 pm at the Site Hut.

9. Sunday 19th August Any Loch for the Loganair Cup. 11.00 am - 5.00 pm.
Weigh-in 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm at the Harray Site Hut.

Note : An 11 inch limit will apply for all the seasons Brodgar League competitions.

Cancelled Competitions

- In the event of any Brodgar League competition having to be cancelled the next available date below shall apply. Sunday 27th May; Saturday 23rd June ; Saturday 21st July; Saturday 25th August.




SUNDAY 26th AUGUST 2018.

On Sunday 26th August, the re-scheduled Clydesdale Bank Cup  took place on Harray from 10am – 4pm.It started off with a light South South Easterly breeze making conditions comfortable & fishable. The 6 boats headed in different directions, some to Ballarat, some to Tenston, Nistaben, Biggings and Merkister Bay. Boats were continually moving around looking for fish. Unfortunately around 1pm the wind got up considerably, the temperature dropped making travelling into the wind to new drifts  a wet and uncomfortable experience.
For a few fishers 4 pm was a pleasurable time of the day. At the weigh in several good individual fish and baskets were produced. Ed Barnett had one at 1lb 6 ozs and one at 1lb 7 ozs. Paul Miller had one at 1lb 5ozs but secured the heaviest fish at 1lb 7 ½ ozs, just edging Ed Barnett out.
Basket wise, Graham Summers had 12 for 10lbs 0 ½ oz, in 3rd place was the regular points collector Paul Miller with 12 for 10lbs 4 ½ ozs. Obviously Merkister Bay was paying good dividends as in 2nd place with 14 for 10lbs 8 1/2ozs was Alan Brough and the heaviest basket went to his boat partner Jack Leslie with 19 for 13lbs 12 ½ ozs. Well done to Jack for winning the last competition of the season and well done to Paul Miller for Brodgar fisherman of the year.
Hopefully see you all again in May !



Competition 8 - Loganair Cup







Lb oz


LESLIE J 19 13 Lb. 12½ oz 10
BROUGH A 14 10 Lb. 08½ oz 9
MILLER P 12 10 Lb. 04½ oz 8
SUMMERS G 12 10 Lb. 00½ oz 7
BARNETT A 11 7 Lb. 14 oz 6
CHALMERS K 10 7 Lb. 08½ oz 5
LINKLATER D 9 7 Lb. 02½ oz 4
BARNETT E 6 5 Lb. 15 oz 3
LEONARD S 6 4 Lb. 11½ oz 2
SUMMERS D 6 4 Lb. 04 oz 1
CAMERON D 5 4 Lb. 03½ oz 0
BALLANTINE M 3 2 Lb. 10 oz 0