2022 Programme will be uploaded after the next MCM



All competitions must be fished in accordance with the Association’s COVID rules.

Arrival – participants to remain socially distanced (2m) before and after the competition.

Weigh-in  Anglers are to line up keeping socially distanced (2m) for the weigh-in.

Weigh in will take place inside the site hut. Anglers are to drop off their basin at the site door and then to step back. The designated trout measurer will check all trout and then hand over to the weigher & recorder.

Weighed trout to then be placed back into the basin for the angler to pick up at the door once the measurer has removed themselves.

Volunteers assisting with the weigh-in to wear face masks and disposable gloves.

Post weigh-in Scales are to be wiped down and table cleaned by weigh-in volunteers. Gloves and wipes to be placed in the bins.

Results – Anglers are to remain socially distanced while waiting for the results.

Trophy – These will be awarded at a later stage when safe to do so.

Competitor list – We will have a list of those taking part in the competition after the weigh-in


We will fish 14 fly competitions as per the programme above Competitors’ best 10 competitions will count towards team etc selection for 2023 events (SANACC, Inter-county and Anglian)

Anglers who qualified for team etc selection in 2022 will be eligible to compete in relevant events this season 2023 (Inter-county, Anglian, SANACC)