June 2018

June started well but by the middle of the month Orkney was hit by a series of strong westerly gales which continued until the month’s end and severely hampered sport. Most of the lochs became turbid as the waves churned up sediment, and on several days boats could not go out for safety reasons. There’s seldom a June when we do not get these gales at some time, but this year seems to be particularly bad. Anglers resorted to wading the margins at this time and despite the conditions there were fish to be had.

Harray received a lot of attention. The big loch did contain some algae but remained relatively clear. Fish started to move out into the more open water; the Caenis hatched early but there were very few hatches of Olives to bring the fish up and looking. Sinking lines arguably fared better, with the usual array of small mini-lures doing the business. Some of the better Harray baskets included 9 for 6 lb 10 oz for Malcolm Russell, 5 for 4 lb 9 oz for Ian Hutcheon and 6 for 4 lb 6 oz for James Harcus.

Hundland was well patronised by visiting anglers, and in particular float tubers. Some cracking fish came off this loch, with many in the 1 lb to 2 lb range. But the loch suffered badly from turbidity, and was very low and weedy.

Over on Boardhouse, some fine fish up to 2 lb were taken almost daily. In fact I think it’s safe to say that Boardhouse was Orkney’s best performing water this season so far. Some of the better baskets, and there were many, included 9 for 10 lb 5 oz for Jack Leslie; 13 for 12 lb 11 oz for Graham Summers; 16 for 14 lb 2 oz for Paul Miller; 12 for 10 lb 3 oz for Norman Irvine; 11 for 8 lb 8 oz for James Harcus and 11 for 7 lb for Ian Hutcheon. Hedgehogs and ginked up palmers, dabblers and small wets all were mentioned in dispatches.

Swannay did not fish that well, and the average size of the fish there seems to be dropping year by year.  Baskets included 4 for 3 lb 15 oz for Norman Irvine; 6 for 3 lb 14 oz for James Harcus and 6 for 3 lb 9 oz for Stuart Leslie. Small wets and mini lures did well there, with the Swannay Ace, Xmas Tree and Erlend’s Cat highly recommended – and Hogs off course.
On Sanday, Adam Sandilands had 12 fish from Bea Loch for his week, with his two best at 5 lb 8 oz and 6 lb 4 oz, and on Rousay, Ian Robertson had a nice 2 lb 4 oz specimen from Wasbister and a few in the 1 lb range also.