July 2018

July can often be the best month on the Orkney trout fishing calendar. The weather is usually more settled, with few days lost to gales etc, and hatches of Caenis and midge can keep the fish occupied on all the main lochs. 2018 was no exception and some good baskets and quality specimens were taken.

Ken's Sanday fish (photograph by Jim Adams)

7lb 1oz. Trophy fish from the North loch

Boardhouse fished particularly well and 2 lb plus fish continued to be taken almost daily. Long drifts out in the open water were productive, with floaters, intermediates and sink tip lines doing well. Some of the better baskets included 11 for 8 lb 9 oz for Raymond Miller; 12 for 8 lb 2 oz for Kenny MacLeod; 8 for 7 lb 1 oz for Norman Irvine; 10 for 6 lb 11 oz for Sandy McConnachie and 12 for 6 lb 10 oz for James Harcus. Fly patterns were very much the usual hoggy things with orange, fiery brown, madeira, claret and peach all mentioned in dispatches.
Hundland was popular with visiting anglers and in particular with float tubers. The loch fished well although it was pretty weedy in places and very low. As with sister loch, Boardhouse, fish in the 2 lb range were appearing pretty regularly, and all fish were is superb condition. Baskets included 5 for 5 lb 5 oz for Malcolm Russell; 6 for 4 lb 3 oz for John Munson and 6 for 4 lb for Jim Adams. Fly patterns were similar as for Boardhouse with the addition of white muddler headed patterns such as the Capuchin Monkey.
Harray saw a lot of attention. Caenis hatches brought fish well out into open water but some of the best sport was still in the drop offs and “green” water. Baskets included 10 for 7 lb 15 oz for John Munson; 9 for 9 lb for James Harcus; 7 for 5 lb 13 oz for Shane Stanger and 7 for 5 lb 10 oz for Morris Rendall.  Fly patterns included Erlend’s Cat, Merkister Maid, Hulks, Hogs and various Boris variants.
Shetland angler, Terry Laurenson, told me he and his colleagues, Andrew Kerr and Marvin Tait enjoyed a good week in Sanday, with a total of 17 fish, mainly from North Loch, with a couple in the 5 lb range and one tipping the scales at 7 lb 1 oz. Terry saw quite a few small fish moving in Bea Loch – a good sign for future years. Bea was pretty weedy though and their best fish there was 4 lb 4 oz.