2017 Annual Report

On the sites there has been little success on the two major projects we were hoping to begin. At Boardhouse, difficulties with planning consent, with regard to effluent discharge back to the loch has seen the hope of a new site building dashed. At Kirbister, we have tried to purchase an alternative site from various landowners with no progress to report at this time. We are presently looking at developing our own site, although it is not in an ideal location.
All the site frontages were tidied up at the start of the season. Some but not all of the new signs were erected at the sites with the remaining ones to be installed before this season starts. The road into the Hatchery had the potholes filled and patched up.Other work in the pipeline is the dredging of the lagoon entrance at Harray, the improvement of the roads into the Swannay and Hundland sites, and some remedial work required at the Hatchery building.

Ken Kennedy