Sites AGM Report 2024

The sites this year past have been in general, pretty good shape. With the flattening of the sites at the start of the season, we tried a bigger stone on the Harray site, To try and stop the yearly winter wash out along the front. This has not worked as well as hoped. With the corner being eaten out again. Being quite expensive to sort each year. Was hoping for a better result. There will be new toilet doors on the Harray site before the start of the new season and hopefully some progress on new toilets to come. We will Just have to keep our legs crossed for that one. The stenness site is going to get some attention this year. Ether patching the old windows and door or replacing them with new ones.  Still Waiting to hear back from the joiners. And with a pad lock on the Hundland gate needing changed. That's about the upkeep sorted.
The amount of old pipes and old boat trailers and other flotsome and jetsome lying about the sites are becoming an issue. At. Some point I will be having a tidy up at the end of this season. So please take all your boat stuff off site. Or you may find it in the local dump.
Much thanks must go to James Harcus for his work getting the sites ready for the start of the season again.
Also, thanks to Kevin, Malcolm and Allan for their hard work up the burns this year. A full hatchery, first time in a few years. And all others involved in the upkeep of the eggs over the winter. The most important thing we do in my opinion.
If you have any ideas or want to help out around the sites, or hatchery, please get Intouch. Wishing you all a great season on and off the loch 

Allan McConnachie


Members are reminded that the gates should be kept locked at all times, and on leaving, site huts and gates should be left lockfast.

Members are reminded of Rule 2 – Association Sites. Please do not leave boats tied up alongside piers. Space must be left alongside piers for launching boats and where a specific launching area so marked exists access to it must be kept clear of cars, trailers, boats, etc.

Rule 7 – Association sites. No member of the Association shall make financial gain from Association Sites by letting boats.