Pea souper for the W S Sinclair cup on Harray


Top Rod Sandy McConnachie

With the season slipping away, and all still to play for, there was a good attendance of 31 anglers last Tuesday night, competing for the WS Sinclair Cup, on Harray. There were good conditions and visibility for the 6pm start, but once again, as last week, the fog rolled in later on.
Lochside and a Tormiston have obviously been fishing well in the recent Southeasterlies as many of the boats headed south and set up on drifts in these areas. The other hot spot was the Nistaben/Biggings area, where drifts out over the open water were favoured. Two distinct methods have been working on the loch lately, namely floating and intermediate lines fishing Hedgehogs and the like, high in the water, and fast sinking lines with mini lures searching deeper for feeding trout. There has been plenty fly life to interest the fish lately, terrestrials, especially cow dungs and wee black house fly types, and sedges hatching in great abundance, all encouraging the fish to look up.
Following another wait for a temporarily missing boat, due to the thick fog, the weigh in was concluded and Sandy McConnachie was announced as the winner with 13 fish for 10lb 10zs, runner up was Norman Irvine with 11 for 9lb 11ozs, with Ken Kennedy landing 12 for 9lb 5 ½ ozs, and Ian Hutcheon also with 12 for 9lb 5ozs also in contention. Heaviest fish was a 1 1/2lber weighed in by Jim Adams.
It would be fair to say that the sinking line was the better choice on the night, with Norman the only one in the top few who fished top of the water, Sandy, Ian, Ken and others found good success with Sinking lines. Sandy is very kindly giving up his winning fly pattern for the report, the Naked Boris, which also took 9 of Ian’s fish, a powerful fly on the night, while White Hulk, Erlends Cat and the like worked for others. Malcolm Russell also reported hooking a big sea trout which broke his cast, encouraging for the possibility of a run of them coming in at the back end.
Well it’s very tight at the top of the league with just two competitions to fish, everything to fish for and crucial decisions to make, especially what choice of loch to fish the exciting finale which is the Any Loch for the Alan Finlay Cup, tight lines.


Sandy McConn's winning fly patterns









Lb oz


MCCONNACHIE S 13 10 Lb. 10¾ oz 16
IRVINE N 11 9 Lb. 11½ oz 15
KENNEDY K 12 9 Lb. 05½ oz 14
HUTCHEON I 12 9 Lb. 05 oz 13
ADAM K 9 6 Lb. 11½ oz 12
RUSSELL M 8 6 Lb. 11 oz 11
SUTHERLAND C 7 6 Lb. 10¾ oz 10
MUIR T 8 6 Lb. 00¾ oz 9
PHILLIPE 6 5 Lb. 06¾ oz 8
FOREMAN B 6 4 Lb. 14 oz 7
CHALMERS N 6 4 Lb. 14 oz 7
GRANT J 5 4 Lb. 09 oz 5
HARCUS J 5 4 Lb. 06¾ oz 4
MORGAN A 5 4 Lb. 05¾ oz 3
LESLIE S 6 4 Lb. 04½ oz 2
MACLEOD K 5 3 Lb. 10¾ oz 1
LEASK J 4 3 Lb. 04¼ oz 1
MILLER RAYMOND 4 2 Lb. 10 oz 1
THOMAS BRIAN 2 2 Lb. 06½ oz 1
THOMPSON BRIAN 2 2 Lb. 05½ oz 1
ADAMS J 2 2 Lb. 04½ oz 1
MILLER HAMISH 3 2 Lb. 04¼ oz 1
STANGER S 3 2 Lb. 03¾ oz 1
GILLESPIE J 2 1 Lb. 10½ oz 1
MCCONNACHIE A 2 1 Lb. 05 oz 1
MUNSON J 2 1 Lb. 04 oz 1
MILLER LESLIE 1 1 Lb. 01½ oz 1
CHALMERS IAN 1 0 Lb. 13 oz 1
HARCUS M 1 0 Lb. 08¾ oz 1
WOOD S 1 0 Lb. 08½ oz 1
CRAIGIE A 0 0 Lb. 00 oz 0