Fly Competition General Rules

1. Competitions will be open to paid up members only, with an entry fee to be decided annually by the management committee

2. Entries for all competitions to be lodged prior to start of the said competition. Competitors must state whether fishing "Fly" or "Bait".

3. The finer points of the competition rules shall be displayed on the competitions fixture list
4. Only one rod is allowed mounted for each competitor.

5. In "Fly Only" competitions only "Fly" shall be fished during the competition - in "Open" competitions a competitor fishes either fly only or bait only during the competition.
A minimum of six entries must be made, in either section, before one can qualify for a prize, except in an open competition where the minimum entries required overall shall be six. In the event of less than six entries in either section, members may fish for their aggregate.

6. In all senior competitions, trolling, and the use of spinning reels, ghillies and the anchoring of boats are prohibited - no bubble floats allowed. Outboard motors must not be kept running whilst fishing.

7. The President, competition convenor and official Weigher shall organise, act as umpire, and decide any questions that may arise in connection with any competition and their decision will be final.

8. In the event of a tie (by weight), the competitor having the greater number of fish shall be declared the winner.

9. The size of fish weighed-in, must, to qualify, be in accordance with that determined by the Association, viz., minimum loch trout - 10 inches, minimum sea trout - 12 inches. All Harray  competitions - 11inches.

10. No basket will qualify if not presented to the official Weigher within the allotted time specified on the competition fixture list.

11. All trout caught in loch during competitions will be classified as "Loch Trout" and qualify for brown trout trophies - all trout caught in the sea will be classified as sea trout and will qualify for sea trout trophies.

12. In sea trout competitions all baskets must be weighed-in by the official Weigher as detailed on the competition fixture list -or his depute.

13. 'Fly Only" competitions shall be artificial fly only. Hooks must not exceed %" in length. The dressed length of the fly shall not exceed 1 A times the length of the hook shank. Not more than four flies mounted on cast and flies must be at least 20" apart. Flies must not be artificially weighted.

14. Competitors may not fish on a loch on which a competition is to be held at any time during the day, prior to the starting time of the competition.